Chicken Sortof-Bleu

Now, I am not entirely sure if this qualifies as a Cordon-Bleu, but it's probably pretty close, thereof the name. Based on a recipe found in Albert Heijns (the biggest grocery chain in The Netherlands) magazine AllerHande and some ideas of my own, this dish is actually pretty simple.
One tip though: Make sure you have all the crockery available before you start - this recipe uses quite a lot of plates.
What do you need for the Chicken Sortof-Bleu?
Place the fillets between two sheets of cling film, making sure that there's enough space for them not to touch each other.
Beat the fillets senseless with a rolling pin (or the side of a large knife, a mallet, an empty wine bottle or your lucky cricket bat), taking care not to break them. They should be as thin as possible.
Cut two nice, thick slices off your lemon. These will be used for presentation later.
Squeeze the rest of the lemon juice over the escalopes, rubbing them with salt and pepper to taste. Let them rest for a few minutes.
On one escalope, place a slice of cheese, a slice of ham and another slice of cheese. Cover with another escalope and you have a double escalope, filled with ham and cheese. This is good.
Prepare three plates; one with flour, the next with a lightly beaten egg and the third with breadcrumbs. This is probably the most versatile and easy (not to mention sticky) coating ever devised.
First, place the sandwiched escalope in the flour; making sure that it is completely covered. This includes any bits of ham and cheese that might be sticking out. Trim these off if you don't want them, but if you leave them on, make sure they are coated too.
Then dip the package in the egg. The flour makes sure that the egg sticks, and again make sure that the egg covers all the fillet.
Thirdly, cover the whole lot in breadcrumbs, to give it a nice golden, crunchy crust.
I found a nice type of breadcrumbs with seasoning in it - although I don't use it for this today, it would probably be very good.
Fry the escalopes in butter and oil. This will foam up and lend the coating a nice flavour and crunch.
A few minutes on each side should be enough - but as always with chicken, make sure that the meat is cooked-through.
Shake the pan occasionally to make sure that it doesn't burn; you want it golden, not chargrilled.
That's all there is to it.
Garnish with a lemon slice, some anchovies rolled up around capers (if you like them), a few loose capers and a sprig of parsley. Serve with fried potatoes of chips.
A lot easier than you might expect.

(Sorry for the blurry picture here. And now I've eaten it.)